Quick Modules is a high-end workflow-based forms and remittance processing system suitable for workgroup, department, or enterprise-level form and electronic information processing. As a premier capture solution, Quick Modules has been deployed to automate a wide range of applications, providing efficiencies and productivity gains in operations around the world. These applications have included Check/Remittance Processing (including Check 21 processing), Catalog Order Fulfillment, General Product Fulfillment, Subscription Processing, Purchase Order Fulfillment, Fax Order Entry, Medical Claims Forms Processing, Credit Card Application Forms Processing, Tax/Labor/DMV Forms Processing, Insurance Applications Processing, Utility Paymentds, Clinical Laboratory Testing, Sales Order Forms Processing, and Pharmaceutical Sample Forms.

Enterprise Payment ePortal

Government agencies and corporations often have many different applications were customers can pay a bill or purchase a service. Each application has its unique method for a customer to process a payment. It makes it difficult and time consuming whenever changes to the payment process have to be made since every application has to be changed.

Streamline the process with Quick Payments. Each application can connect to Quick Payments web services API’s to process payments. With this approach, any changes to Quick Payments are instantly available to each connected application across the enterprise. Create a consistent customer experience whenever a payment is required.

Features Include:
  • Electronic bill presentment
  • Support for credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and eCheck
  • Point and click configuration
  • Complete back office integration including account reconciliation and journaling
  • Complete payment lifecycle processing
  • Customer self service features

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Increasing efficient operations at non-profit agencies that accept donations is another area of expertise for Fairfax Imaging and Quick Modules. We can automate the donations process no matter how complex. We customize the process to the agency’s needs. Through the Check 21 module, quick deposit of funds in turn makes them available for quick distribution. Donations can be deposited the same day they arrive in the mail.

  • Efficient handling by a single vendor
  • Streamlines any audit functions that may arise
  • Accurate database for the agency’s use
  • Specialized reports are created quickly and easily

Financial Institutions

Quick Modules offers form and payment transaction solutions available to financial institutions including intelligent document recognition, electronic check presentment, remote deposit/image capture, retail and wholesale payment processing, OCR/ICR data capture, advance image storage and archiving, all under the control of automated workflow processing.

  • Skillful and efficient lockbox processing
  • Accurate processing of loan applications
  • Improved customer service efforts
  • Increase volumes of work accomplished daily


Nowhere are the benefits of image information processing more visible than in the Tax and Revenue Industry.

And now, more than 17 years since it was released, Quick Modules from Fairfax Imaging Inc. continues to lead as the system of choice for a number of State Tax and Revenue Departments, The District of Columbia OTR and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

  • Reduced time to deposit tax revenue.
  • Automatic electronic bank deposit.
  • Improved tax refund turnaround time.
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs.
  • Superior viewing of tax forms, checks, coupons and correspondence.
  • Ability to update tax form templates when tax forms change.
  • Ability to handle structured and unstructured forms.
  • Capability of remote deposit and capture.

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Imaging & Recognition

Quick Modules, by Fairfax Imaging is a scalable, customizable forms and check processing solution. Processing millions of business transactions daily, Quick Modules uses rules based workflow along with sophisticated recognition technology and validation capabilities to process virtually any document, form or check within a common architecture. The system utilizes structured, semi-structured and unstructured recognition techniques to efficiently and accurately capture data. More importantly, the solution is backed by an experienced, industry focused Fairfax Imaging team that provides a total commitment for end-to-end customer service and support. This ongoing commitment is shown by an ever-growing client list within government and Fortune 500 corporations.

  • Process efficiencies through intelligent character recognition.
  • Automated form identification and classification reducing manual intervention.
  • Reduced operational costs through indexed image retrieval.
  • Improved accuracy through user defined rules-based validation.
  • Electronic presentment of checks (Check 21 or ARC) reducing deposit time frames.

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Automated Order Capture for the Pharmacy Industry

Fairfax Imaging’s Pharmacy Order Capture System provides a turn-key mail order pharmacy imaging and processing solution with the ultimate in scalability, photographic image quality, flexibility and accuracy.

  • Performs high speed color batch scanning of both sides of all incoming prescriptions and other forms of documents.
  • Sets priority of orders at scan time.
  • Captures “Receive” and “Scan” dates at scan time.
  • Automatically identifies all forms.
  • Automatically uploads data and image pointers to pharmacy management system.
  • Automatically uploads images to image repository.
  • Faster order input through high-speed scanning and imaging.
  • Automated fax import process.
  • Efficient order keying and correction process.

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Integrated Payments for Utilities

Quick Modules is one of the most versatile systems in the marketplace today for document and payment processing. Virtual batching eliminates presorting and simplifies the capture process for utility payments. All payment types are processed using intelligent workflow and are consolidated into a single database using common business rules, database lookups, and validations for balancing, handling exceptions, posting, reporting, archive, and audit.   By consolidating all payment types, your people will work smarter and maximize efficiency while reducing cost.  An easy to use dashboard allows managers and supervisors to manage incoming work and track progress step by step throughout the system as well as monitor the operations staff.

IPayment Types include:
  • Mail in payments
  • Check and List.
  • Agency Payments.
  • Internet Payments.
  • ACH Payments.
  • Over the Counter Payments.
  • Phone Payments.
  • Mobile Payments captured on Smartphones & Tablets.

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Quick Modules Cashier takes advantage of the Quick Modules 5.0 architecture to provide a powerful single vendor payment solution that allows payments to be taken directly from the customer. With Quick Modules Cashier, payments are consolidated using the same workflow and business rules as mail-in and electronic payments to provide a centralized approach for updating financial systems, end-to-end reporting, archive and research, auditing, Check 21 deposit, and system maintenance. Designed and developed by Fairfax Imaging, Quick Modules Cashiering provides full featured cashiering functionality.

  • Web Based for  easy deployment
  • Point-and-click customization
  • Configurable transaction buttons
  • Designed to easily connect to host systems for database lookups
  • Recognition technology reads checks and coupons automatically populating fields on the screen
  • Pay with checks, cards, or cash
  • Scan supporting documents and attachments
  • Compatible with most industry-standard Point of Sale devices
  • Safe and secure with data encryption and compliance with the latest security standards.

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Mobile Capture

Mobile Capture is no longer limited to just depositing checks. Use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to capture any combination of documents that make up a transaction including coupons, invoices, full pages, attachments, correspondence, and checks.

The Quick Mobile Capture app is ideal for field personnel that receive payments and supporting documents away from the office or customers who want the convenience of processing their transactions without delay.

Feature Include:
    • Available for Apple® and Android® smartphones and tablets.
    • Uses a secured internet connection provided by your cell network or WiFi
    • Data and images are encrypted and never stored on the device
    • Transactions are subject to Quick Modules business rules and are added to the Quick Modules workflow

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Payments Consolidator

Most organizations today have a variety of payment streams that require time consuming manual procedures to manage. Before management can get a complete picture of the day’s totals, the accounting staff must ‘work’ reports, spreadsheets, and files to create a consolidated report usually in the form of a spreadsheet.

Quick Modules Payments Consolidator is designed to streamline the process. Electronic files and reports from all payment streams are received, processed, and written into the Quick Modules database automatically. Up-to-the-minute status of payment streams is provided through a browser-based management dashboard that can be accessed securely from virtually any location and customized with point-and-click ease.

Features Include:
    • Consolidations of all payment streams into a single database.
    • Web-based management dashboard reports deposits received with up-to-the-minute accuracy
    • Customize dashboard views with point-and-click ease
    • Consolidated posting, auditing, reporting, and archiving

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Check 21

Paper check processing has dropped more than 65% since October 2004 when Check 21 became law. But it isn’t the law that caused the drop, it’s the wide-spread acceptance of image information processing, and the preeminent image information processing product available today is Quick Modules, the industry leading Check 21 solution from Fairfax Imaging Inc.

  • Automatic Paperless Bank Deposit
  • Expanded Deposit Options
  • Reduced Costs
  • Lower Risks and Chances of Delays
  • Faster Deposit Reporting
  • Faster Returned Item Notification
  • Improved Research and Reconciliation

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