Fairfax Imaging’s award winning solutions allow your customers to securely pay their way. All payments, regardless of method, are managed in a single encrypted Microsoft SQL database to streamline statement reconciliation, back-end accounting functions, research, and reporting.

Quick Payments Process electronic payments with Quick Paymentsa full featured Enterprise ePayments Portal  designed to easily connect with existing applications to provide the latest electronic payments including credit, debit, and IVR options.

Quick Cashier Process in-person payments including any combination of cards, cash and checks with Quick Cashier. Checks and documentation are scanned to credit customer accounts instantly.  Cash drawer processing, the latest card processing devices, and receipt printing is supported.

Quick Modules Process mail-in payments with the latest production scanners and mail-opening equipment and data capture solution with Quick Modules.  Quick Modules optimizes document processing workflows by electronically identifying, capturing, validating, and updating critical information our clients receive whether electronic or paper form, including checks for Check 21 processing. The system processes virtually any document within a common workflow improving productivity and achieving a high return on investment.

Quick Tags Fairfax Imaging’s innovative Quick Tags solution provides electronic vehicle temporary and permanent registration and titling for vehicle dealers,  while substantially reducing cost, reducing fraud, and improving DMV back-end processes.

California DMV ROS TLP Information for Dealers